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BT Admissions

1) How are students admitted at BT?
          Admission is strictly based on the performance of the students in the entrance test. For Comprehensive courses – two types of Tests are carried out, Aptitude test and Evaluation Test. Evaluation Test is based on the lectures conducted during the entrance program.For Foundation Basic/Summer and Accelerated a common test is conducted based on IQ and Logic.
2) What is the procedure post the entrance test?
          After the announcement of the result of the entrance test, students and parents are invited to a Counseling session. The counseling session provides all the necessary information about time table, BTests, Holidays, use of BT website and guidance to students about study during the duration of the course. You are also required to fill up the enrollment form (with a recent passport size photo) and pay the 1st installment of fee by way of cash or cheque in favour of ‘Bakliwal Tutorials-IIT’ within one week of the declaration of result.

3) How and when will the results of the entrance program/entrance test declared?

          The results will be communicated within two days of the evaluation test to the student / parent by SMS. When we SMS the result of any entrance program, we shall also tell you the batch for which the student has qualified. For comprehensive advanced, there are 3 types of batches:

1) Wizards batch is for students with exceptionally high scores in our entrance exams.
2) Top few students from every entrance will get admission in the COC batch.
3) Students who have done well but not got through for COC, will be allotted the champions batch in the beginning.
Students whose performance was average are recommended not to join the Comprehensive Advanced course. They can join the Comprehensive Mains course which will thoroughly prepare them for JEE Mains & Boards.
Students whose performance in the entrance was dis satisfactory, they cannot join Bakliwal Tutorials. No request for admission of these students will be entertained.
4) Does BT provide study material?
          Yes. Based on years of experience and expertise, the course material at BT is designed very systematically with detailed theory and best quality practice assignments covering different kind of questions to give students a complete exposure to concepts.
In addition to the books, study material, classroom lectures and individual doubt solving sessions, we also provide video lectures of all subjects seeking better understanding and effective revision.
5) How are the Class Room sessions conducted?
          At BT every class is a learning experience. Students are encouraged to express opinions and ask questions. The faculty is friendly, approachable and keen to clarify and help you find answers. The sessions are thus interactive and lively.
6) Where are the classes of BT held?
          Classes are held in Aundh, Baner, Camp, FC road, Deccan, Satara road, Hadapsar, Pimple Saudager, Paud Road, Wanowrie, PCMC and Viman Nagar. Apart from these centers in Pune, BT is also present in Solapur, Aurangabad & Baramati cities.
7) BT holds classes at multiple Locations, Is the teaching method different at different locations?
          Unlike other coaching classes which have 1 or 2 ‘good’ teachers, every faculty at BT is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about teaching. Almost all the teachers are a bunch of extremely proud IITians. We provide the same study material, conduct the same tests at the same time and fundamentally use the same teaching methodology.
8) At BT is there a special batch for bright students?
          We do have merit based batches for fast learners. It is a proven fact that when students study with approximately same intelligence level, they are able to learn more and even the teachers are able to plan their lecture well. This also creates a sense of positive competition among the students
9) At BT while preparing for IIT JEE, does the student also get prepared for AIEEE/CET/BITSAT/other entrances, CBSE/ICSE/HSC boards, etc.?
          The general notion is that IIT-JEE is a difficult exam and questions are complex and tough. On the contrary, the test emphasizes on nothing but fundamentals. We at BT teach the basic concepts so well that the subject becomes easy and interesting. This also helps students to conquer Boards and other competitive exams.
10) How is BT geared up for JEE-Mains & JEE-Advanced instead of IIT-JEE, AIEEE and CET?
          The faculty at BT is strong, flexible and experienced to dynamically modify the course plan to meet the new challenge with the help of strong systems and mock exams.
Courses and Evaluation 
1) What are the different courses offered at BT?
          1) Foundation Basic for 8th and 9th student.
          2) Foundation Accelerated for 10th std student.
          3) Foundation Advanced for students who have successfully completed foundation basic
          4) Foundation Advanced Plus for students who have successfully completed Foundation advanced.
          5) Comprehensive for 11th/12th std student focusing on JEE Mains & Advanced.

2) Why merit wise batches for all courses at BT?

          Getting the best students together is one of the attributes that is common across all the top rank producing institutes throughout the country. The concept of ‘Wizzards, COC and Champions’ batches, allows students to study with peers of approximately the same intelligence level. This helps students to learn more and even the teachers are able to plan their lectures well.

3) Do you coach 8th/9th/10th studying students?
          Courses for 8th/9th/10th students: IIT Foundation Basic, and Accelerated. We also hold IIT Foundation Summers course for Out-station students. Foundation Advanced course is offered to students who successfully complete the foundation basic course. Foundation Advance Plus course is offered to students who have successfully cleared Foundation Advanced course. For further details please refer to “download” section on the website.
4) Why same course for 8th and 9th students?
          The way teaching at BT happens is very different from the way it happens at most schools. Here, though we teach all the topics from scratch, we add a lot of value even to those students who have studied these topics before at school. As the selection is merit wise, it really does not matter which class the student is from. For outstanding students, there is always the ‘coc’ batch. Our past experience says even the ‘coc’ batch (selection to which is strictly merit wise) will be a fair mix of 8th and 9th std students.
5) What after the completion of basic foundation course?
          After successful completion of the Foundation (Basic) course, the selected students based on merit will be given admission for the Foundation (Advanced) course offered at FC road and Lloyds only.
6) What about students who do not qualify for the Foundation Advanced course?
          We strongly recommend that they should repeat the Foundation Basic course and strengthen their fundamentals.
7) What after Foundation Advanced course?
          The students going to 11th std then, should join our 2 yr comprehensive course. For the students going to 10th std then, they are advised to join our 5 month course – Foundation Advanced plus. This course will keep them in sync with JEE preparation and make them ready for the 2 yr Comprehensive course from next year. However, few outstanding students shall be offered to join the Comprehensive course in 10th itself and attend lectures of any one subject (Physics or Chemistry or Math) along with 11th standard students. We have seen it works wonders.
8) Can students who have not done Foundation course cope up with the IIT-JEE study?
          Yes they can. They are required to put in extra hours of hard work. They may join our foundation summer batch at a concessional fee which is conducted in April to May to supplement their study.
9) How do parents come to know about their Sons/Daughter’s performance?
          Thought provoking Tests are conducted every 4-5 weeks at BT. They bear close resemblance to the actual JEE paper. The results of the tests are uploaded on our Parents can check the result by logging on the site. The students/parents will be provided the Login ID and password.
1) Who is eligible to appear for JEE-Mains & Advanced?
          A student appearing for XIIth board exam with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, is eligible for appearing for JEE-Mains exam. He must be in top 1.5 lac students in order to qualify for JEE-Advanced.
2) How should a student appearing IIT JEE prepare ideally?
          The student must be prepared to sacrifice a lot of goodies during these two years and concentrate wholeheartedly towards his studies. Student should not miss classes; he/she must be prepared to put in at least 6-7 hours of self study daily apart from the classes and college time. One must appear for all the class tests and Monthly tests and analyze one’s strengths and weaknesses.
3) How can parents verify the results of a coaching Institute?
          You may visit the website and by using either the students name or the rank or the hall ticket number and can verify the claimed result.
4) What are the various scholarship offered at BT?
          Scholarships are offered to students of 2 year comprehensive course and the foundation course. For the details please visit the “Scholarships” section on the website.
Note: All scholarships will be given in the third installment only. No student can avail more than one scholarship.
5) What are the office timings at BT?
          Timings at BT office at Lloyds Chambers is from 10.30am to 6pm on all 7 days of the week.
          For more queries kindly: Call us on – 8888866187/88/89/90 OR Visit us personally at Bakliwal Tutorials office – 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 501, 502, 506, 508 Lloyds Chambers, Maldhakka Chowk, Near Ambedkar Bhavan, Pune.
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