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Hearty Welcome

We appreciate your sincerity and determination to clear the important examination ahead of you. Your decision to consider Bakliwal Tutorials to be your trainer bears ample testimony to your resolve.
Every smart individual realizes the importance of expert help at the right juncture. Behind every Edmund Hillary triumphantly waving a flag at the pinnacle is months of toil under the watchful eyes of a committed trainer. For the past 9 years, we at BT have been that trainer for many a successful students. So, do we have some magic formula that will open the gate of a favourite institute for you? No, we do not.
There is no substitute for all the hard work that you and you alone must put in. What we do have is the knowledge, expertise and the right classroom culture. Our knowledge will tell you how to channelize your efforts and how to focus your attention so that you are able to achieve maximum in minimum time. Our expertise will take you through so many simulations that when you face the real test you will have confidence of being on familiar ground. Our classroom culture will help you stay positive and motivated throughout.
We have a simple definition of our success: When you succeed, we succeed.

Once again welcome to the BT family, welcome to success!

Vaibhav Bakliwal

Mr Vaibhav Bakliwal did his B.Tech in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay after which he worked with Tata Motors for an year. But his penchant for teaching made him create, Bakliwal Tutorials (BT) in April 2005. BT began with the aim to help students preparing for IIT-JEE, realize their dreams; and to make sure that the preparation process itself becomes a fun filled and growth-involving experience.
The institute is successfully doing so and is now training more than 1500 students at its various centers in Pune for various courses. Apart from his love for studies and students, he also loves singing, solving puzzles and playing chess. He has been Rajasthan Under-18 chess champion and has played is many national level championships. He was also class representative for his batch, general secretary for mechanical department and board games secretary for the institute at IIT Bombay. He has truly been an inspiration to thousands of students aspiring for the coveted IITs.


What makes us different?

1)    Unparalleled 'genuine' results: Power of BT!
For last 5 years in succession BT has produced the best ranks and maximum number of selections in IIT-JEE from Pune. In a unique feat, BT has scored a Hat-trick by producing IIT JEE Pune city topper for 3 consecutive years. Also, in the recently announced JEE Advanced 2014 result, BT again produced Pune topper.

Unlike most institutes which thrive on fake results, we believe in absolute transparency. All the ranks mentioned by us belong to the general category unless otherwise specified clearly. All the results correspond to our classroom students from Pune. We have also given contact details of all our IIT-JEE/JEE Advanced qualified students till date, on our website. We are yet to come across an institute in entire India which has the honesty, courage & confidence of declaring their results in such a transparent manner.

2)    The approach:
The efficiency of any institute's teaching standard is determined by one thing-its approach. We value our students and their success. We realize that the success of our students is the only reason for our existence. And since this is our driving force, we lay strong emphasis on certain cardinal principles:

We are a teaching organization with focus on good teaching above everything else.

  • We are a teaching organization with focus on good teaching above everything else.
  • We strive to fulfill the needs of our students to the best of our capabilities.
  • We work really hard, setting high standards and expect the same from our students too.
  • We inform and educate our students about the need for strong self discipline and  self motivation to achieve their goals.

3)    Course material with Video Lectures:
Based on years of experience and expertise, the course material at BT is designed very systematically with detailed theory and best quality practice assignments with different kind of questions to give students a complete exposure to concepts.

In addition to the books, study material, classroom lectures and individual doubt solving sessions, we also provide video lectures in all subjects for students seeking better understanding and effective revision.

4)    Extremely competent and committed faculty team:
Unlike other coaching classes which have only 1 or 2 'good' teachers, each and every faculty at BT is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about teaching. Almost all the teachers have cleared IIT-JEE themselves and are therefore better equipped to motivate students take care of the nittygritties involved in the preparation process. All the BT faculty members are solely devoted to serve students at BT. Hence their commitment is distinctly higher than visiting / part time faculty. In addition to this, teachers at BT ensure that every class is interactive by encouraging students to express opinions and ask questions.


5)    Focus on Boards as well:We at BT teach the basic concepts so well that the student understands the subject to the core and then it is just a matter of little bit of tuning according to the different exams. We also provide them entire course material which is specific to the board exams syllabus in addition to JEE prep course material. Thus, we ensure that the students get thoroughly prepared for the board exams as well. For additional help, we shall organize descriptive tests and have seminars on presentation skills and memorizing techniques and cover those few topics as well, which are not in JEE syllabus but are asked in Boards. Students at BT have been doing exceptionally well in board exams. We produced both CBSE & ISC board toppers for Pune in both 2013 & 2014

6)    Merit wise batches:
Merit based batches is one of the attributes that is common across all the successful IIT-JEE institutes across the country. It is a proven fact that when students study with peers of approximately same intelligence level, they are able to learn more and even the teachers are able to plan their lectures well. This also creates a spirit of competition among the students.

7)    Tests with detailed analysis:
Tests at BT are thought provoking and bear close resemblance to the actual JEE paper. At the same time we strongly believe that the learning from a good analysis and brainstorming session is far greater than taking the test itself. We analyze the tests from a student's perspective i.e. how a good student would ideally take the test. We discuss each and every problem of the test and also the related fundamentals and questions which leads in boosting the student's morale.

8)    Ideal class rooms:
Apart from the immaculate teaching that anyways keeps our students spellbound, we also have noise free, well lit and air conditioned classrooms to add to the magic. Apart from the class timings, students use these classrooms for self study, group discussions and writing tests.

9)    Strategic alliances with schools/colleges:
BT has entered into strategic alliances with few junior colleges of Maharashtra board and a prominent CBSE school. The main advantage of such alliances is that it synchronizes preparation for engineering entrance exams and boards. It also helps students' save their time as they do not have to travel between coaching class and school/college.

10)    Interaction with past student:
Achievers from the past batches, who have made it to the IITs, frequently counsel students at BT. This significantly helps in inspiring the junior students and clearing the myths about IIT-JEE.

11)    BT - Spreading its wings:
With a committed faculty team and well defined systems and processes in place, BT is now looking to expand in geographies beyond Pune. It has started a center in Solapur (Maharashtra) from Academic year 2014. We are happy to share that the initial response there has been very rousing which only adds to our motivation to provide high quality value to more students.

12)    BT Culture:
Out of the box events like whizkid (puzzle competition), felicitation function, birthday celebrations, night-outs, pledge day, seminars truly make BT different.

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