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Mr Vaibhav Bakliwal

B.Tech. Mechanical(IIT-Bombay)
Chairman & Managing Director
Bakliwal Tutorials - IIT

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Hearty Welcome!

We appreciate your sincerity and determination to clear the important examination ahead of you. Your decision to consider Bakliwal Tutorials to be your trainer bears ample testimony to your resolve.

Every smart individual realizes the importance of expert help at the right juncture. Behind every Edmund Hillary triumphantly waving a flag at the pinnacle is month of toil under the watchful eyes of a committed trainer. For the past 19 years, we at BT have been that trainer for many a successful students. So, do we have some magic formula that will open the gate of a favorite institute for you? No, we do not.

There is no substitute for all the hard work that you alone must put in. What we do have is the knowledge, expertise and the right classroom culture. We have a simple definition of our success: When you succeed, we succeed.

Once again welcome to the BT family, welcome to success!
Vaibhav Bakliwal

Mr Vaibhav Bakliwal did his B.Tech in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay after which he worked with Tata Motors for an year. But his penchant for teaching made him create, Bakliwal Tutorials (BT) in April 2005. BT began with the aim to help students preparing for IIT-JEE, realize their dreams; and to make sure that the preparation process itself becomes a fun filled and growth-involving experience.

The institute is successfully doing so and is now training more than 2500 students at its various centers for various courses. Apart from his love for studies and students, he also loves music, solving puzzles and playing chess. He has been Rajasthan Under-18 chess champion and has played in many national level championships. He was also class representative for his batch, general secretary for mechanical department and board games secretary for the institute at IIT Bombay. He has truly been an inspiration to thousands of students aspiring for the coveted IITs.

Our Journey

Success Story

START 2005


Started in April



1st selection in top 100

Akshay Sehgal, AIR 99 (IIT JEE 2006)


Maharashtra rank 1 in

Omkar Thakoor, AIR 11 (IIT-JEE 2010)




Hat-trick of Pune rank 1

Rank 1 in IIT-JEE in 2010, 2011, 2012


Opened center at Solapur in



Crossed 100 selections in a single year in JEE Advanced

Total selections: 102


Maharashtra rank 1 again in

Karthik Mahesh, AIR 22 in JEE Advanced 2015




Double Hat-trick of Pune rank 1 in JEE Adv

Rank 1 in 2010, 2011 & 2012; Rank 1 in 2014, 2015, 2016


Made Maharashtra proud

Akshat Chugh, ALL INDIA RANK 2 in JEE Advaned



24 Selections in Top 2000 in JEE Advanced

with 412 total selections in JEE Mains


9 Selections in Top 850 in JEE Advanced

with 584 total selections in JEE Mains



Again Made Maharashtra proud with 12 Selections in Top 1000 in JEE Advanced

Vedang Asgoankar, AIR 7


25 Selections in Top 1000 in JEE Advanced

4 Students in top 100 AIR in JEE Advanced and 605 total selections in JEE Main



Completed another Hat-trick of Pune Rank 1 in both JEE Advanced and JEE Main

Maharashtra Rank 1 and AIR 7 again in JEE Advanced 2022, Pune Rank 1 in 2020, 2021 & 2022


12 Selections in Top 500 AIR and 347 Total Selections in JEE Advanced

Kashvi Khurana, emerged as Maharashtra Girls Topper with AIR 39 in JEE Advanced & Pune JEE Main Girls Topper


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Our Team, One Vision!

What makes BT different?

Results speak louder than words!

Pune Rank 1 in JEE Advanced: 10 times out of 13 years

Maharashtra Rank 1 & All India Rank 7 in JEE Advanced - 2020 and again in 2022

Single digit rank in JEE Main: THRICE

'Genuine Results' : Power of BT!

Unlike most institutes which thrive on fake results, we believe in absolute transparency. All the ranks mentioned by us belong to the general category unless otherwise specified clearly. All the results correspond to our classroom students. We have also given contact details of all our IIT-JEE/JEE Advanced qualified students till date, on our website, in the results section. We are yet to come across an institute in entire India which has the honesty, courage & confidence of declaring their results, consistently year after year, in such a transparent manner.

High quality updated course material

Based on years of experience and expertise, the course material at BT is designed very systematically, with detailed theory and best quality practice assignments. This material has been recently re-structured as per the current practices and demands for JEE preparation.

For the Foundation courses, we also provide support video lectures, which students can refer to, to get a gist of what was taught during the 3 hour lecture in the class.

Offline & Online tests with detailed analysis

Offline and online tests at BT (called BTests) are thought-provoking and bear a close resemblance to the actual JEE paper. We analyse the tests from a student's perspective, providing detailed and in-depth analytics on time management and test-taking strategy. The analytics of the online test are available immediately after the test is submitted. The analysis of the offline test is also mailed to the students.

Some of the parameters on which student's performance is analysed are:

► SWOT Analysis: Student's can clearly see the topics in which they are strong or weak and then easily decide the time to be spent on each topic going forward.

► Subject analysis: Students get to know their performance in each subject along with time spent per subject per question.

► Analysis as per question type: Questions in each test are tagged as per various types (single option correct, multiple option correct, integer type, etc.), and students get to know how they fared under each type, giving them an understanding of where they need to improve.

► Attempt Analysis: A unique analysis of questions attempted by the student according to their difficulty and trickiness level is provided to the student to give an understanding of whether the easier questions were attempted earlier than the difficult questions or not.


Interaction with parents on child’s progress

We ensure that we stay connected with parents through various ways and keep them in loop with respect to their child's progress during the preparation. Parents are sent absenteeism SMS on daily basis and Attendance report is sent by mail and uploaded on BT website regularly, test results with detailed analysis is shared with them. We conduct a seminar on effective parenting where we share our views on how parents can contribute in child’s studies. PTM is occasionally conducted where one to one feedback is provided to them etc. Parents can also meet teachers occasionally after lecture. Thus, parents are kept totally involved during the entire journey so that together we can work for the intellectual growth of the child.

Academic Diary for self improvement

At BT, we strongly believe that “deliberate practice, and not just practice, makes one perfect.”. With this intention, we provide an academic diary to our Comprehensive course students where they can continuously analyze (monitor) the progress of their preparation and accordingly chart out improvement plans.
The diary consists of 4 sections:

  1. Weekly Study Planner: In this section, students need to plan their studies on a weekly basis, jot down the subject-wise topics that they plan to study in a particular week, and keep track of the same. Parents and teachers also monitor the same.

  2. BTests analysis: In this section, the student analyzes each and every test he takes at BT and jots down important learnings derived from the same.

  3. Important BTest questions: In this section, after each test, student notes down the important questions from that test which should be revised during the time of revision. This helps the student to revise all the important concepts systematically during revision.

  4. Confidence builder: In the last section, students track their preparation and confidence level subject-wise and topic-wise during revision. Students can accordingly devote more time to topics/subjects where their confidence level is low.

  5. All in all, this academic diary, if used sincerely, can lead to immense self improvement during the 2 year preparation and make the student a worthy and successful student.

Focus on Boards & MHT-CET as well

We at BT teach the basic concepts so well that the student understands the subject to the core and then it is just a matter of little bit of tuning according to the different exams. We ensure that the students get thoroughly prepared for the board exams & other popular exams like MHT-CET, BITSAT, KVPY, Olympiads etc as well.

For additional help, we shall organize descriptive tests and have seminars on presentation skills and memorizing techniques and cover those few topics as well, which are not in JEE syllabus but are asked in Boards & other exams. Students at BT have been doing exceptionally well in board exams & other exams. BT students have secured Pune rank 1 in 12th CBSE boards from the last 6 consecutive years now. In 2017, 2015 & 2013, our student topped not just Pune but entire Maharashtra in 12th CBSE board. In 2016 CBSE boards, not just Pune Rank 1 but Pune Rank 2 and Rank 3 are also BT students. In other exams as well, BT students have been doing consistently well (details of the same are given in a page ahead).

Merit wise batches

Merit based batches is one of the attributes that is common across all the successful JEE institutes across the country . It is a proven fact that when students study with peers of relatively same intelligence level, they are able to learn more and even the teachers are able to plan their lectures well. This also creates a spirit of positive & healthy competition among the students.

Study rooms & Library facility

In addition to the classrooms, separate study rooms are maintained which are dedicated for students for their self studies. Students can sit in that room before/after the class or any other time to study alone or do some group studies. Students can also make use of the various reference books available in the library. 

Insightful seminars

In addition to the regular lectures, special seminars on various topics are conducted at regular intervals to guide the student on mental and other aspects which are important for JEE preparation along with the academics part. Special seminars/interaction sessions are also conducted with parents where we discuss with them as to what can be their role on their child's preparation. This ensures students are highly motivated and aware about all the important aspects during their JEE preparation journey. 

Live and Interactive Online Lectures

When Covid-19 suddenly struck the world last year, BT was the 1st institute in the country to act proactively and shifted all its lectures systematically and smoothly to the online format a week before the lockdown itself. Since then the online lectures at BT are loved and well appreciated by it's students.

At BT, the online lectures are live and also lively where students participate via chat and by un-muting themselves responsibly. BT now offers all it's courses in both online and offline format providing options, flexibility and convenience to it's students.

Regular revision lectures & doubt clearing sessions

Multiple doubt clearing platforms

Apart from doubts discussed during the lecture, there are various ways through which students can get their doubts cleared at BT. Following are the platforms which student can use for the same:
1.Doubt Forum: Bakliwal Tutorials has an interactive doubt forum with exciting features where students can post their doubts and also solve the doubts of other students. Teachers also provide detailed video solutions of the doubts in the forum. The questions are easily searchable and are systematically available for reference and learning. Despite being a closed forum, meant exclusively for BT students, BT's forum is amongst the top results in Google search.
2. Telegram group: Official Telegram groups (similar to WhatsApp groups) are created batch-wise with the sole purpose of doubts discussion. Students can post their doubts in that group and fellow batch mates along with teachers will participate to solve the same. This helps students to get instant solutions to most of their doubts at almost any time of the day.
3. Doubt sessions: In addition to the regular lectures, separate doubt sessions are also conducted regularly where students can interact with the teacher on a one-to-one basis and get his/her doubts cleared.
4. After the lecture: Teachers are available for doubt discussion after the lecture (both in online and offline lecture) for some time. Students can make use of this extra time to interact with teachers personally and get their doubts solved.

BT culture

Out of the box events like Whizz-kid (puzzle competition), felicitation function, birthday celebrations, pledge day, picnics, seminars, counseling session after JEE result etc truly make BT different.

Another Hat-trick of Pune Toppers in JEE Main and JEE Advanced: 2020, 2021 & 2022

Unique Student Mentorship Program

This program is designed to provide personalized guidance, enhance learning outcomes and support students in achieving their academic goals. With the increasing complexity of competitive exams and academic pressures, students often require more than just classroom teaching. Mentors offer additional support, helping students to navigate challenging topics, manage their time effectively, and develop efficient study habits. 

1. Personalized Guidance: The mentorship program aims to provide individualized support to address the needs, ensuring each student receives the attention from the mentor and mentor lends his/her ear with empathy and suggests improvement plans. 

2. Motivation and Confidence Building: Regular interaction with mentors helps in boosting students' morale and confidence. Mentors act as role models and provide motivation, encouraging students to strive for excellence and overcome any academic or personal challenges they may face.